Protection anywhere in the home

BT Parental Controls applies to any device connecting to your home hub – giving you peace of mind that no matter where the children are in your home, they are protected by the filters you have set up.

Peace of mind on the go

BT Parental Controls also applies if you connect to any of BT's 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots using your BT ID.


Why do I need Virgin Media Security Parental Control? Ensuring your family gets the safest experience from the Internet is easy to do with a little supervision and Virgin Media Security’s Parental Controls. Parental Controls is part of Virgin Media Security and is available for free to all Virgin Media broadband customers. With Virgin Media Security’s Parental Control you can:

  • Screen out offensive material
  • Filter sites by pre-defined age categories
  • Add exceptions or block specific sites
  • Control access to specific content types like chat or social networking
  • Set an access-schedule for individual users
  • See a history of sites viewed, including those that were blocked
  • Check out our help videos to find out just how easy it is to do all of this....


Sky Broadband Shield explained

Sky Broadband Shield lets you control the level of protection you want for your home when online with Sky Broadband, across all of the devices connected to your home network. It's free for all Sky Broadband customers, and includes additional security features to help protect your family from sites that collect private information or disrupt your device.

You can set up and manage Sky Broadband Shield by signing in to My Sky with your Sky iD. If you've forgotten your Sky iD details, you can retrieve your username or reset your password online.

How does Sky Broadband Shield work?

For more information about Sky Broadband Shield & to

read our frequently asked questions CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

TalkTalk homes have the UK's safest broadband connection.

All sorts of precious things are under threat from internet nasties - our identities, our bank details, social media credibility, the technology we've invested in and all of the irreplaceable content we now store digitally, from music to photos and above all that, our children's innocence.

These days 1 in 5 people are a victim of online crime, many of whom don't know it. So increasingly it isn't really a choice to have internet security, it's a necessity.

At TalkTalk, we believe all our customers should feel safe and secure when using the internet. That's why we've developed two simple and unique tools to work together, HomeSafe® and Super Safe Boost, to give you complete peace of mind.

HomeSafe® gives you control over the type of websites your household can access and protects your whole home online.

Unique to TalkTalk, HomeSafe® is designed to help you block every device in your home from websites you've defined as unsuitable. It's also great for parents, giving you control of the after school homework routine specifically. It's been developed in partnership with a panel of parents and online safety experts.

Make sure you switch on HomeSafe® today - it's totally free and easy to set up.